In our “Results through relationships” work with local communities, NHS England, facilitated by Easier Inc, we asked ourselves “what do we need to be amazing at, for everyone to have the best end of life they could have?”. These are the six core capabilities we developed.


  • We recognise when the last months of life are approaching.
  • We all understand what really matters, and focus on this together.
  • We support each other to live well in our own way, as part of our community, finding moments of joy where possible.
  • We are supported to anticipate what may happen towards the end of our lives. Our wishes are shared as appropriate, so that we are supported through times of illness in a way which feels right to us.
  • We are as comfortable as we want to be, including in the last days of our lives.
  • Those close to us feel supported, including after our death.

What do you think? We’d love to know your views, and if the core capabilities could be improved. Let us know here or email 

Thank you for taking the time to help us to improve end of life care.