Outpatient Clinic Website compressedThe clinic room is on the ground floor of Forest Holme. Clinics are held Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and people are seen either by their consultant or by the associate specialist.

We also offer clinic appointments at Wareham Hospital on Monday afternoons.

Clinic visits are usually arranged via the specialist palliative care nurse in the community or hospital palliative care team. An appointment can usually be arranged within a few days if needed.

Initial appointments last up to an hour to provide a relaxed setting in which to discuss any concerns you may have. Follow up appointments, if needed, usually last up to half an hour.

It is helpful if you could bring any medication you are taking, in case any adjustments are needed.

Following the clinic visit, a letter is sent to your GP and hospital consultant as appropriate. You may wish to receive a copy of the letter – if so, please let us know when you attend the appointment.

“Better breathing” clinics and Day Hospice are provided by Lewis-Manning Hospice. Many people access both Forest Holme Hospice and Lewis-Manning Hospice. Your specialist palliative care nurse can advise what support is available and liaise with the relevant teams.

If you would like to speak to someone about a clinic appointment, please telephone 0300 019 8118 for assistance.