Patient’s Wish Comes True

A patient at Forest Holme Hospice was granted one final wish recently when staff organised for him to be taken on a Harley Davidson motorbike ride.

John Harley was receiving end of life care when he told nurses of his passion for the iconic American motorcycle despite never having ridden on one. Within a few hours he received a surprise visit by the Manic Mondays and Arrowheads, two local biker groups, complete with a selection of Harleys and a converted Porsche trike bike for John to travel in.

The group then took him on a convoy ride down to Poole Quay for Bike Night before being safely returned to the hospice, where he enthusiastically told staff it was the best thing he’d ever done.
Sadly John died just two days later on 9 May. His family said, “John died peacefully two days later having fulfilled an ambition he didn’t think he would and we have such a special memory of this.”

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