Poole boy raises money by running

Little Charlie Witherington took on the Run Bournemouth Junior 2K recently for Forest Holme after we cared for his beloved Grandad Keys, who sadly passed away in August.

Charlie is a 9-year-old little boy who has a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD and his autism means he has limited interests, but the things he does like, he really focuses on, like running.

“Anybody who knows Charlie knows he loves his running.” his mum Samantha explains.
“He loves watching videos of Usain Bolt and hopes to be faster than him when he’s older. Charlie loves running around his school field and uses this as a release, as it helps him to stay calm.”
Charlie trained hard to prepare for his 2K, running alongside his Uncle Richard and taking part in park runs on a Saturday to prepare him.

Samantha said, “Charlie was very nervous about doing the run today. He doesn’t like noise or crowds and was worried about falling over. But he was so determined to do this for his beloved Grandad Keys.”

Dave (Grandad Keys) was diagnosed with cancer in December 2019. In September 2020 he was told it was terminal, and unfortunately he passed away on 7th August this year. He spent nearly 3 weeks in Forest Holme where had incredible care.”

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