It can be scary when your doctor or nurse suggests it is time to get the hospice involved in your care, but it shouldn’t be. People visiting Forest Holme Hospice are often surprised that there are plenty of smiles and sometimes even laughter. The atmosphere is light, warm, calm and welcoming. Both patients and their families often say they feel more relaxed as soon as they walk in and that it isn’t as scary as they first thought.

Here are a few things that people have said about the care and support they have received from Forest Holme in the hope that it will bring you some comfort and peace of mind at a difficult time.

“Forest Holme is a sanctuary, it is a place filled with love and kindness, with staff who become friends at the most desperate of times, who care and support you and give you their time unconditionally.”

“A place none of us deep down want to know, but that said so pleased they are there and when the time comes they very carefully guide you, being there as much as you want them to be. Both my dearest Mum and Dad spent their last days/hours at Forest Holme passing away barely in their 60’s.

Apart from the unconditional help they gave me, one moment really stays in my mind. Mum had been gone for a few days, I was at home and suddenly couldn’t find a a tiny little bear Mum had taken to Forest Holme with her. I was distraught and actually drove to the hospice almost banging the door down and they didn’t turn me away but took me into their arms and checked for the bear.

On checking their files, they explained the bear went with Mum, I was so relieved but more than that they take care of each person as if their own family member. The nurse was as emotional as me and as I apologised she just smiled and said I didn’t need to as Forest Holme’s door is always open and what’s important to me matters to them.”

“Comfort, caring and supportive. You looked after my lovely, dear Late Dad in his final days and helped me to cope for a long time after, for that I thank you, no words can describe my gratitude to you all.”

“A loving, wonderful family – who enabled my amazing husband to feel safe, who took away his fear (even/especially in the early hours of the morning) and who gave him and us a constant supply of emotional and physical support. xx”

“Support and guidance for families when their loved one wants to die at home – the support I got to help me nurse my husband at home was gratefully received.”

“You made my Grandfather’s last week the best it could be and made time for me and my family after. You care and go way beyond even now. Words don’t cover it. Thanks for all you do.”