Fundraising stories

Fundraising stories

Paul’s story

Tell us about your challenge for the hospice

I am running a golf day at Knighton Heath golf club, the challenge is to make the event run as smoothly as possible for all involved and to improve on the years before.

Why did you do it for Forest Holme?

In 2019 I was asked by 2 of my friends, Lee and Lucy, to organise a golf day for Forest Holme in memory of their father who spent his last days there. My father-in-law had previously spent his last 24 hours in there also. Hearing and seeing the care the staff and doctors put in at Forest Holme it was the least I could do to support them and honour my friends request to run the event.

What does Forest Holme mean to you?

Since the initial event I have had several family members spend their last days there as well as a few friends. Listening to people talk about the care and attention everyone gives to the patients and their families and witnessing it first-hand I feel we are extremely lucky to have this facility nearby.

The staff will go the “extra mile” to make sure the patients last days are as good as they can be for them and their families.

Since starting this journey with Forest Holme, I have been surprised by actually how many people I know or have met who have had an association with the home. Everyone of them has nothing but praise for the home too.

What would you say to someone considering supporting the Charity?

Please do support the charity, you never know when yourself, a friend or family member will need supporting by Forest Holme.

It doesn’t matter how you help just please do, then they can carry on the excellent work they do.

Helping them is more than a Thank You, but you should always start with a Thank You in the first instance, it goes a long way.

Emma’s story

Tell us about your challenge / fundraising activity that you did for the hospice?

Jodie and I took part in a Wing Walk to raise funds for the Forest Holme Hospice in Poole.

We took to the sky’s, at speeds of up to 130mph on a Boeing Stearman at Compton Abbas Airfield.

Explain why you did it for Forest Holme?

The charity is very close to my heart, and we did it in memory of my dad (David Hewitt) who passed away in the Forest Holme August 2019.

What does Forest Holme mean to you?

Forest Holme is a sanctuary, a place filled with so much love and kindness, with staff who care and support you at the most desperate of times and give you their time unconditionally. They enabled my amazing dad to feel safe, took away his fear and who gave him and us a constant supply of emotional and physical support. Words don’t cover it!

What would you say to someone considering supporting the hospice?

This is such an important charity, please do something amazing and support the hospice. 

Joe’s story

Tell us about your challenge for the hospice?

I decided to run the Barcelona marathon for several reasons. I have always enjoyed running and saw a marathon as the ultimate challenge. During our mother’s illness, and after her passing last July, I began to run more often and increased the distances I was covering. Looking back at that period, the emotions whilst running were like the feelings we were experiencing witnessing our mother come towards the end of her life. There was often pain, discomfort, tiredness, and exhaustion however after finishing each run I felt more resilient and able to process thoughts and the ongoing situation with a bit more clarity, and running even gave me a sense of calmness. I picked the Barcelona event for two reasons. Firstly, it was our mum’s favourite city to visit, she loved the warm weather, tapas and most of all, the Sangria! Secondly, the event coincided with Mother’s Day – I knew this would motivate me to cross the finish line on the day!

Why did you do it for Forest Holme?

In July 2022 our mother went to Forest Holme Hospice where she stayed for three weeks until her passing. During this time, she received the most amazing care from staff and despite her illness, developed friendships with those that were supporting her. My brother and I trusted those at the hospice fully as we had been welcomed from day 1 and, like our mother, were made to feel part of the family. The dedication, commitment and respect that was given to our mother during her time at Forest Holme from the first-day until the last was incredible. On a personal level, I had felt the pressure of caring for my mother and trying to manage her symptoms whilst at home, knowing that I could now leave the hospice each evening with our mother in the company of professionals who would offer around the clock support and who understood what she was experiencing was greatly reassuring. Ultimately, the decision to raise funds for Forest Holme Hospice was a thank you from myself, my brother and our late mother. My mum was an extremely kind and caring lady, who even at the most difficult time showed affection towards the team helping her – raising funds for the charity is very much what she would have wished for.

What does Forest Holme mean to you?

Forest Holme is a charity that delivers support at the most critical time. Whilst reflecting on the end of our mum’s life there is comfort knowing that she was surrounded by dutiful individuals in a peaceful environment. I truly believe that this end-of-life support has been instrumental in the healing process for family and friends. Forest Holme allows loved ones to spend quality time with each other during a difficult period, I will always be grateful for the charity’s support when we needed it most.

What would you say to someone considering supporting the charity?

As a local charity I now appreciate the personal care and support Forest Holme delivers to countless individuals and their loved ones. The impact that supporting this charity has on families is monumental and it is a cause I will continue to support having witnessed the remarkable services the charity provides.


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