Make a real difference to the future delivery of palliative and end of life care in Dorset.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Forest Holme Hospice Charity, you will be ensuring that we are able to continue providing exceptional palliative and end of life care to future patients and those closest to them.

What difference will a gift in my Will make?

Leaving a gift to charity in your Will is a very special way of helping to secure the future of excellent and innovative palliative care and end of life care for future generations within Dorset. By leaving a gift in your Will, it enables us to plan ahead to help meet the need of our ageing population within the county and to ensure that everyone has access to the best possible care and support.

Our charitable status means that bequests to Forest Holme Hospice Charity are exempt from Inheritance Tax and this could reduce or eliminate completely any potential tax which might otherwise be payable out of your estate.

It is always advisable to have your Will made by a solicitor who will be able to give you all the legal and tax advice you require.

What kind of gift can I leave in my Will?

The three main types of gift are:

  • Residuary bequest. This is the balance of your estate after tax (if any), expenses and other types of legacies have been paid. You can leave the whole, or a share of the residue to Forest Holme Hospice Charity.
  • Pecuniary legacy. This is an exact sum of money (e.g £3,000).
  • Specific bequest. This is a gift of personal possessions, such as furniture, jewellery, house, car etc. With the passage of time, pecuniary legacies will lose value because of inflation so you may wish to review your Will every few years.

Alternatively, you can divide your estate into shares or percentages, so that each of your beneficiaries will gain if the value of your estate increases between the time of making your Will and death.

How to word a gift in your Will?

It is very important that Wills are written accurately and we would strongly advise you to seek your own legal advice with regards to suggested wording for leaving a gift in your will. The Charity will need to be clearly identified and this will usually mean providing the full name, address and registered charity number of the organisation. Our details are:

Forest Holme Hospice Charity
5 Seldown Road
Dorset BH15 1TS

Registered charity number (England & Wales) is 1038021

Deed of Variation

Even though very few people will become liable for Inheritance Tax (IHT), most people might be aware that charitable bequests are free of IHT. What is less widely known is that the beneficiaries of a Will can make such a bequest up to two years after a death, while still attracting the IHT relief. This can be done by making a Deed of Variation.

A recently introduced rule can make this even more attractive, because a charitable bequest which amounts to at least 10% of the taxable part of the estate leads to a reduction in the IHT rate charged, from 40% to 36%. In some circumstances, such a Deed of Variation can actually result in an increase in the amount received by the beneficiaries.

A Deed of Variation can be made at any time up to two years after the person’s death. There are strict rules as to how it must be drawn up, but these are not complicated. If you have been the beneficiary of a Will in the last two years which incurred IHT, you could speak to your solicitor for advice.