Make a Referral

Make a Referral

We welcome referrals for anyone with advanced progressive illness who has problems with symptom control, psychosocial needs or who wishes to discuss issues relating to end of life care. Often their needs can be met by the primary care team, but if you are struggling to address their needs, we will do our best to help. Feel free to discuss with us by telephone.

You can make a referral by:

You should ensure that the individual is aware of the referral and agrees to it, or that it is in the best interests of those without the mental capacity to agree to it. People may self-refer if they wish but usually for individuals in the community, we ask that the GP is made aware of the referral or refers themselves.

The following information is helpful:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Hospital number or NHS number
  • Current location
  • Current problems
  • Referrer name and contact details

In the community, please include the information above and:

  • Home address of patient
  • Telephone number
  • GP contact details

Further information and guidelines

Please note that referral letters are sometimes delayed in the post. We encourage you to ring our secretary on 0300 019 8118 to inform us of the referral at the earliest opportunity, ensuring a timely response.

Please find the Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for referring patients to the Poole Palliative Care Service. These will aid healthcare professionals in decision making regarding appropriate referral to our service in a timely manner.

When a patient no longer needs specialist palliative care

If the individual’s condition stabilises, such that they no longer need our specialist support, they will be discharged from the service. This will be discussed with the person themselves and their family when appropriate. The GP will be informed of their discharge.

Re-referrals can however be made at any stage, should the person’s needs change or reassessment be required.

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