Life & Loss Podcasts


‘Life & Loss’ is a new 21-part podcast series from Forest Holme Hospice Charity offering support and guidance for individuals facing a life-limiting Illness or navigating grief.

Episodes will be released on a weekly basis and the series brings together individuals of different ages and backgrounds with unique first-hand experiences, alongside healthcare professionals, to share their stories, knowledge, information and strategies for coping with the many challenges associated with life-limiting illnesses and grief.

You can also listen to the podcasts in audio format here 

Life & Loss Introduction

Here is an overview from Hannah of what you can expect from our new podcast series.

What does dying look like – Dr Amy Pharaoh

Dr Amy Pharaoh, Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Clinical Lead at Forest Holme Hospice, discusses the end-of-life stages and how they differ from person to person, including topics such as what signs are there that indicate someone is approaching end of life, should someone who is dying be encouraged to eat and drink and how breathing patterns change in the final days of life.

Living with a Brain Tumour – Mark Hayward

Mark discusses his journey from diagnosis through to cancer treatment and the impact that had on him and his young family and how his illness has shaped his future.

How Complementary Therapies Enhance Hospice Care – Dr Kate Smeaton

Dr Kate, a GP, Specialist Doctor at Forest Holme Hospice and acupuncturist, talk about her life as a GP, her passion for hospice care, and how complementary therapies can be used in a healthcare setting to aid a patient’s well-being.

From Strangers to Soulmates: A Journey Through Love and Loss – Christine Cross

Chris shares her experience of love and loss as she describes how her friendship with Des blossomed into a beautiful love story before their world was rocked by the devastating news of his terminal illness.

Grieving as a young adult – Jasmine Wall

23-year-old Jasmine, who lost her Dad to Pancreatic Cancer just over a year ago, talks about her experience of grief as a young adult and the emotional and practical challenges that she faces from losing her Dad at a young age.

Talking to children about a life limiting and terminal illness – Leo

Leo, a Social Worker based at Forest Holme Hospice, discusses when and how to begin discussing a terminal diagnosis with a child, sharing advice on age-appropriate language and communication strategies.

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