Your stories

Jasmine’s story

The ‘Dad look’. This is a look that every parent can relate to; the look where nothing needs to be said but as his daughter I know I potentially could be in trouble.

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Noel’s story

Noel and I lived in the Cotswolds and met at second school. We were an item at school until he moved away with his parents.

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Rebecca’s story

Rebecca Buckell was born in Bournemouth, she was a glamorous career woman who loved working in retail.

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Danny’s story

Danny is a 46 year old Estate Agent who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2014.

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Let’s talk about Karl

I lost my son Karl in August 2019 and he spent the last ten days of his life in Forest Holme.

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Doreen’s story

I am struggling to put into words exactly how incredible the entire Forest Holme team were throughout Nan’s illness.

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