Meet Peter

How did you get into volunteering for Forest Holme Hospice Charity?

I met one of Forest Holme volunteers at a club I attend, and she encouraged me to find out more as I was looking to volunteer for Forest Holme particularly because of my connections there.  I felt I needed to try and give back to a good cause especially as Forest Holme had taken very good care of my wife. 

What have you enjoyed so far?

I have just volunteered once so far but I have found the public very friendly and its very easy to volunteer in that sense! The other volunteers are very enthusiastic and helpful too.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to being able to do as much as I can wherever I can help.

Would you recommend others to volunteer for Forest Holme Hospice Charity?

Most definitely, if people feel they would like to help, volunteering is one of the best ways. Volunteering with the support of others means you’re not alone and makes it really worthwhile.

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