Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists are trained in supporting people with more significant emotional needs who sometimes require formal evidence-based approaches to complex and/or severe emotional difficulties. They are trained at the doctoral level, are experts in human behaviour, and are often trained in several different models of understanding the problems people encounter.

In addition to providing individual psychological therapy, Clinical Psychologists also work indirectly with service users, providing training and consultations to other health professionals as well as having a role in developing services to support staff and service user’s psychological needs.

You are most likely to meet a Clinical Psychologist if:

  • You have had treatment for a mental health difficulty prior to coming under the care of the Palliative Care Team or Cancer Services
  • You are experiencing higher than expected levels of emotional distress (significant symptoms of depression or anxiety, or other diagnosable mental health condition)
  • You have already received other forms of emotional support that have not sufficiently addressed your needs
  • You have complex psychological needs
  • You have stated a preference for seeing a Clinical Psychologist
  • You wish to focus on changing behaviour which may require a specific behavioural plan, and may occur in the absence of significant emotional distress
  • A request for an appointment or visit cannot be accommodated by another team member within an appropriate time frame

Please ring the Counselling and Psychology Team on 0300 019 8096, or email us at if you feel it will be helpful to make an appointment with a Clinical Psychologist. Your healthcare professional may also make a referral on your behalf.